* Moving the story forward
* choosing who will participate (Characters)
* overcoming Writer’s block
Class goal: finish your first page


One day 

*participation- main idea
*comprehension- understanding terminology 
*Use your hook to be vetted by a youtube, internet TV, literary, or radio personality 
*Engage in a two to five minute interview, listen to it later on a podcast or YouTube.
* get a email address to do your first pitch

Four weeks 

Friday 10-1
* what is your idea
* how to flush out an idea 
* How to get something on paper
Class goal: your first paragraph in the novel



If we're lucky meet a publisher

1 month writing motivation
Availability for sixteen one on one one hour sessions within thirty days

Custom  VIP Package

(A) Q&A 1/2 page article printed  self written 1picture of yourself  a classified ad



Brand Creation and Expansion (Marketing)/ Image Consulting
Available Upon Request
Audiobook + Spot Recording
Web Design
Logo Design
Written Marketing Strategy Campaign
Business + Marketing Consulting
Social Media Management

Week 2
Pitch letter development
Listen- pitch letters of fellow classmates
Participation-would we have you on our show
Development- your platform & brand allies
Growing- discuss goals vs. reality
Revision- Meet a TV Personality that has vetted many guest

Media Best Practices Training ($400)
   Visual {30 minutes}
Image Consulting + Presentation
Authentic Engagement
Response + Self Promotion
Photography + Backstage Presence


Publicist/Coaches/Publishers only​:
Custom  PR Opportunities for:​

our Magazines, Podcast,tv show packages are available $250-1200 fill out contact us form to discuss custom services.Type your paragraph here.

Weekend class
Seminar type class with some interaction

We will discuss

Media Best Practices Training ($400)

Ideation + Collaboration
Response + Self Promotion


* genre definition/make your choices 
* real world application
* scheduling & helpful hints
*Meet another. Author
*meet a book reviewer
* Meet a publisher if you are lucky
*Meet an editor
Class goal: write the last words in the book

Day 1
9-1pm est
* listen-key paragraphs 
*participation- main idea
* decision- Story or credentials 
* comprehension- understanding terminology 
* Expansion-get your first paragraph of the pitch letter

Week one
Pitch development 
Listening - we'll listen to key paragraph of your story
Participation- classmates pick out the important part
Expansion-how does that become a pitch letter
Explanation- key terms and their definition, what it means to you

Offline Book Marketing and Sales ($1500)

Youtube Guest

Broadcast tv
Live Event Book Sales
(Your Book at International book festivals)

Super VIP
Six weeks
72 hour personal access
For literature/pitching/or motivation 

A Lady Coach

Publicity Consulting ($200/ hr)
Pitching + Repitching
Opportunity Acquisition/Contacts
Evergreen Content
Follow-Up and Brand Building

Hybrid Event Coordination

($1750/ day and up + Travel + Lodging)
Back End Setup
Live + Post Management

​Has Your Book Found Its Audience?

Two weeks
Six hours total of dedicated time to your Pitching development  


Week 3
Listening- understanding the pitching and television hierarchy.
Development- focus on the podcast one sheet
Decision: answer why would I want you onstory vs. credentials and accolade
Participation: let's hear what makes you a star
Growth: what the producers want now (find and discuss articles about producers wants)

The Ladies Workshops & Classes

2 day 

Day 2

4-7 pm est
*application- find your person
*Use your hook to be vetted by a youtube, internet TV, literary, or radio personality 
*Engage in a two to five minute interview, listen to it later on a podcast or YouTube.

From Launch Party  to London

7 Months

-The course

Writer's Life
4 books in a year & this is year one

Ladies List of Services

Week 4:
The "do" session
-find your first person you will pitch
- be ready for your first recoded interview
- add this link to your letter
- and pitch your first person

We  Can Do The Same For you ?