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(3)  Do NOT Forget your email address

(4) In the subject write Poem Submission

(5) In the message box type your poem

(6) Pay the entry fee of $5


(1) Poems may only be one page long

(2) They may not exceed 20 lines in legnth

(3) Each Poem must have the name of the author,email address​, and title clearly identified

(4) The $5 entry fee per poem must be paid before the poem will be considered

(5)No Poems will be accepted after Feb. 3rd

(6) All Poems must be in english

(7) The poems may not be translations or already published works.

(8) The writer retains all rights after publication in the magazine if chosen as the winner.

(9)By entering this contest you give The And I Thought Ladies and judges permission to publish your work

(10) Only the winner will be told if they won by email.

(11) By submitting to this contest you agree to all the rules terms and conditions implied by the above said rules, and waive the right for legal action.


You  Have a Journey, a Mind,a Mouth, a Heart, and Emotions so Have Your Say !!!

For the 2018 Debut issue of The And I Thought Ladies Magazine there will be a poetry contest. Deadline is February 3rd 2019 Rules are Below $5 Entry Fee per Poem.

About And I Thought ... I Did My Journey Alone 

Thank you so much! I started reading it and loved the spontaneity and the honesty of these poems. It's like spending a fleeting moment in the authors' proverbial shoes. :)
-Camilla Monk 

Author Of The Spotless Series

Be an, And I Thought Lady 

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The Poetry Contest

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