Thoughtful Book Fes​tival 

2 Days in Las Vegas


Day 1: Wednesday, October 10th. 9 am Embassy Suites by Hilton Convention Center Las Vegas
Meet in the hotel lobby and start your tour of the Las Vegas area. Look for characters, scenes, and settings to add to your book. Watch and observe the sights and sounds to use when writing your books. Work to create a catalogue of ideas to use when writing in the future or to add to the book you’re currently writing.
2 pm Return to the Hotel for Instruction
After a morning spent collecting these characters, scenes, settings, and events, come back to the hotel where our group of experts is going to teach you what you need to know to put those ideas to work for you. Each presenter will give a 30-minute workshop over the next four hours to help you make the most out of what you’ve gained, including how to get from chapter 1 to done in 40 days or less.
6-7 PM Reception
Get a chance to mix and mingle with the presenters during this one-hour reception. Chat with your favorite presenters and pick their brains. Then, it’s time to decide how you want to spend your night.


7 pm – 7 am All-Night-Write-A-Thon
Spend all night with the 40 Day Writer preparing your book idea for the next day when you meet with TV producer Tiegan Kosiak and pitch your book-to-movie.
Head out for a night on the town and collect even more experiences to use in your writing!

Day 2: Thursday, October 11th 9 am

 3 pm Recover, Record, Reflect
Spend time recovering from yesterday, recording new experiences, and reflecting on everything you’ve gained. You’ve earned it!

3-7 pm Pitch Fest
You’ll get a chance to sit in front of a Hollywood producer  & pitch your book-to-movie idea, pitch a radio host, a podcaster, a web series foe an interview, and get air time on wilnona and Jade reality TV show for an interview and pitch them to develop an Amazon series from your book.

LRadio Host/Book Expert