Inspirational Women in Literature:

The And I Thought Ladies

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March 18th  2017



We hope to help new female voices in literature find their way.  For those who have made it we hope to support you in continuing to find the strength to never curve your  creative voice.

​​​​​​​Keynote Stefanie Deoul,A TV Producer on Haven and Author/Jessica Anya Blau,Best selling Author/Mur Lafferty Podcast Hall of Fame/Margaret Sullivan Former NY Times Public Editor,Chris A Turnbull,Director of UK Indie Lit Fest/Maria DiBattista,Princeton Professor Twentieth Century Lit/Jo Sands,Audio Book Narrator/Dianna Young,Great American Book Festival/Amy White,Journalist Bethesda Magazine/Angela Bole,CEO IBPA Awards/Connie Pheiff,​CEO Pheiff Group/Dr. Diane Hamilton,Radio Host/ Author/Ilana Celebrity podcaster/Kelly Carter,ESPN Entertainment Reporter/Tara L Masih,5time Awarded Author/Chaun Pinkston

March 21st  2020

The  Inspirational Women in Literature Conference

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Key Note: Ghizela Rowe Former Producer BBC,C4,ITV ,Sky, Worked for Harpo UK/Marylin Hawes Uk  2017 winner Inspiration Award"Most Inspirational"/Letita Wright TV Host Wright Place Tv/Pyria Ali CEO of 365 Television Network/Power 106,Rebbeca Lopez/Dawn Singh,Festival Director UK Indie Fest/Christine Merrill{USA TOday Bestseller}/Stefani Deoul Former Producer of Haven/Nedra Roberts,Atlanta Playwright/Camilla Monk,Bestselling Author/Apryl Schleuter,CEO Cheerful Mind Inc./Monika Thornton,CEO Powerful Beginnings/Ren Bishop,Editor of Award Winning Anthology/Dr. Argent,CEO Obuilette Publishing/Hanging With the Web,Host & Producers/Karen {Editor Red Hen books}/Lisa McDonald,Author/Radio Host/Ebony Byrd,An Organizer of Baltimore Book Festival



​​​​​​​​Chrissy B {UK TV Presenter} Joy Sutton {US Tv Host}Shyama ​Perera/former Oliver Judge Ghizela Rowe {UK Radio Presenter} Lorna Poole {Ireland Dating Coach} Aimme Kodachian{Television Producer} Monica Paul​ (Author/Marketer)​ Debra Whittam {Broadway Playwright}Katiedid Langrock {Hollywood Scriptwrier, TV Executive}​ Jenny Yacovissi
​{Award Winning Author}Desiree Moodie {New York Publisher}​ Dr. Iolnde​ {CEO Obuilette Publishing} Monika Thornton{CEO Powerful Beginings} Dr. Letita Wright{ 20 Yr. Television Host}nBrandy Miller {Reality Tv Executive Producer}  Tara Woods Turner { Host of Books & Company} Barri Evins {Notable Script Teacher} Segilola Salami {#1 Literary podcast}Scarlett Black{ Author/CEO of Domestic violence Program}Judi Moreo (CEO of Turning Point International, Award winning business owner, author of eleven books and TV show host)​ Jade Dee {Author/host/Ceo} Wilnona Marie{Author Host Ceo}

March 16, 2019

A big thank you to all the speakers and everyone that was in the audience. We are truly grateful for all the support . Another great conference. We can not wait to do it again in the near feature.

March 17, 2018


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