One day 

*participation- main idea
*comprehension- understanding terminology 
*Use your hook to be vetted by a youtube, internet TV, literary, or radio personality 
*Engage in a two to five minute interview, listen to it later on a podcast or YouTube.
* get a email address to do your first pitch

Four weeks 

Friday 10-1
* what is your idea
* how to flush out an idea 
* How to get something on paper
Class goal: your first paragraph in the novel



If we're lucky meet a publisher

Day 1
9-1pm est
* listen-key paragraphs 
*participation- main idea
* decision- Story or credentials 
* comprehension- understanding terminology 
* Expansion-get your first paragraph of the pitch letter

Week one
Pitch development 
Listening - we'll listen to key paragraph of your story
Participation- classmates pick out the important part
Expansion-how does that become a pitch letter
Explanation- key terms and their definition, what it means to you

Hybrid Event Coordination

($1750/ day and up + Travel + Lodging)
Back End Setup
Live + Post Management

Day 2

4-7 pm est
*application- find your person
*Use your hook to be vetted by a youtube, internet TV, literary, or radio personality 
*Engage in a two to five minute interview, listen to it later on a podcast or YouTube.

Writer's Life
4 books in a year & this is year one

Week 4:
The "do" session
-find your first person you will pitch
- be ready for your first recoded interview
- add this link to your letter
- and pitch your first person

* Moving the story forward
* choosing who will participate (Characters)
* overcoming Writer’s block
Class goal: finish your first page


Publicist/Coaches/Publishers only​:
Custom  PR Opportunities for:​

our Magazines, Podcast,tv show packages are available $250-1200 fill out contact us form to discuss custom services.Type your paragraph here.

Weekend class
Seminar type class with some interaction

We will discuss

Two weeks
Six hours total of dedicated time to your Pitching development  


Week 3
Listening- understanding the pitching and television hierarchy.
Development- focus on the podcast one sheet
Decision: answer why would I want you onstory vs. credentials and accolade
Participation: let's hear what makes you a star
Growth: what the producers want now (find and discuss articles about producers wants)

From Launch Party  to London

7 Months

-The course

Ladies List of Services

We  Can Do The Same For you ?  

1 month writing motivation
Availability for sixteen one on one one hour sessions within thirty days

Custom  VIP Package

(A) Q&A 1/2 page article printed  self written 1picture of yourself  a classified ad


Media Best Practices Training ($400)

Ideation + Collaboration
Response + Self Promotion

Super VIP
Six weeks
72 hour personal access
For literature/pitching/or motivation 

​Has Your Book Found Its Audience?

2 day 


Brand Creation and Expansion (Marketing)/ Image Consulting
Available Upon Request
Audiobook + Spot Recording
Web Design
Logo Design
Written Marketing Strategy Campaign
Business + Marketing Consulting
Social Media Management

Week 2
Pitch letter development
Listen- pitch letters of fellow classmates
Participation-would we have you on our show
Development- your platform & brand allies
Growing- discuss goals vs. reality
Revision- Meet a TV Personality that has vetted many guest

Media Best Practices Training ($400)
   Visual {30 minutes}
Image Consulting + Presentation
Authentic Engagement
Response + Self Promotion
Photography + Backstage Presence



* genre definition/make your choices 
* real world application
* scheduling & helpful hints
*Meet another. Author
*meet a book reviewer
* Meet a publisher if you are lucky
*Meet an editor
Class goal: write the last words in the book

Offline Book Marketing and Sales ($1500)

Youtube Guest

Broadcast tv
Live Event Book Sales
(Your Book at International book festivals)

A Lady Coach

Publicity Consulting ($200/ hr)
Pitching + Repitching
Opportunity Acquisition/Contacts
Evergreen Content
Follow-Up and Brand Building

The Ladies Workshops & Classes