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​​​​Thanks for stopping by. We are a The Ladies of And I Thought an award winning group(note the side picture yes we are still giddy) of authors of  "literary life guides with w/ pop poetry" aka our books And I Thought series & Miss-Fit Guides. The founders  of The 25 Hottest Indie Authors, Artists, And Advocates Magazine. We are international speakers, Radio hosts, and podcasters.


                                                       Wishing you the best,

​                                                             Jade & Wilnona

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​​​"This book is not just for divorced people it's for all women. It had a great message, but it does not spare your feelings. My favorite poem is " A Shiner". It deals with real life and how hard it is to heal emotional scars. This is a book to read if you want to change your life. Every life lesson is a step to recovery. I will read it again."-Amazon Customer

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Format: Kindle Edition
And I Thought. . . I Did My Journey Alone (And I Thought... Book 4) by the "And I Thought Ladies" is a delightful collection of innovative poems that address some of life's harshest realities, from a refreshing, creative, and even comforting perspective. They help to assure readers that, contrary to often popular belief, we are truly not the only ones experiencing the ups, downs, and everything else life has to offer us.

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