For the in-depth learner that wants to understand the preliminaries of writing, publishing and marketing a book. This is a 5 hour conference overview of:
* how to write a book
*how to prepare a book if you choose self-publishing
*how develop well rounded characters
*How publishers choose a book
*How to have a long career in writing
*How to write for tv
* How to stay motivated

Brand Consultation

Pick Your Brain

People say we do a lot, subsequently

we know a little about a lot sides of entertainment. Book 60 minutes to ask your questions and start your journey.

Ultimate VIP 
Journalist interview  (Hottest Magazine) 

2 Page article full page ad,

podcast interview,

expert title  in the literary  

magazine 6 copies of the magazine

This is a brief 10 minute workshop on writing characters.

What is your character motivation

You will learn basics of how to round your characters out so they will leap off the page. The instructor is Brandy Miller.

I Need to Know Them

You know you can write a pitch letter

if only you had someone to pitch. We

will listen and match you with six 

media outlets and give you a way to 

contact them.

Consultation & Six Contacts

Brand Expansion

You've written a book but you want to do 

more. No problem, so did we. Let's talk 

expansion plans. Where will your brand 

allow you go next.  We'll get your brand 

dream board going and put down some solid

plans to make those dreams come true.

90 minute video chat

Mini Writing Classes​​ (Fantasy)

Plot A Call

Stuck in the middle of the book and don't 

know where to go with the plot. Well let's chat

we love to plot and make stories work. With

over 17 books in 5 years we know about a 

plot and it's twist be it a twist of lime in a cocktail or a revelation jaw drop worthy. 

60 minutes

I Need an Expert

You're writing or have written your book, but there's something missing. From Editor to script adaptation consultant we know someone. 

pay per reference

Need a Guest
Do you have a podcast or just starting

a podcast. Do need guest to fill out your

schedule. We know a few people,
Pay per a Guest

​Writing & Publishing 101


Do you want to advertise in one of our

semi-annual literary magazine. Potentially 

reaching readers on 5 continents.


Do you want an ad on our podcast.

Brand Consultation

A 10 minute class

World building class. Tips on how to keep

readers engaged in your fantasy world.
You will learn basics of how to round  out your world.

​Writing From Other Viewpoints 

Book Help

Paid Messaging


A seed must grow, so we'll discuss the execution of your idea. Plan out your book festival table and help you with brand coordination.

You know you want to write but you aren't sure how to start. This course is for you. Learn the beginning steps to writing your book, your poetry, or your screenplay. It's time to pursue your dreams. The course includes 16 lectures from bestselling, professional, and awarded authors
                                4 Test
                     6 Worksheets for review 

-Two discussions about the realities of writing ( From a best-selling author & a 30 year author)
- three classes on poetry (how to start, What are the poetry forms, and  history of poetry)
- Writing Fundamentals - ( An introduction  to world building, Character development, & reading like an author)
-How do you Publish

Public Relations Coaching

We help you find your way to connect your

message to the world.  Find your audience in a new an exciting way.  

  We prepare a pitch letter for you and then pitch you to media outlets (Podcast, print, TV, and Radio)

This is monthly/subscriptions

A Brand, Maybe

Explain to us about your books and your goals. Then let's discuss your look. Together we'll brainstorm a look for you and your book so you'll stand out from the crowd. 60minute call

What do You Want to Do?

Let's chat. We're here to listen. What do you 

want your writing career to be like? What do you want

to accomplish? We're here to try and help.

Fill out the form and we will be happy to chat.

30 minute consultation

Mini Writing Classes (Characters)

Take My Book on Tour

Every none Covid year we go on tour to fascinating places, and meet outstanding people. Why not introduce them to your writing. We'll put your book in their hands.

Where we've been in the past (annually)

Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Melbourne Flordia, Edinburgh, London, Bradford,UK Rhodes Greece. And the list continues.

We'll Take and send you pictures of your book in each location, so you can post it on your social media.